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About our Club


The Club has been on the current site for over eighty years and welcomes all enthusiastic and sensible people who wish to learn about and enjoy safe target shooting. 


North Walsham Rifle and Pistol Club is a Home Office Approved club for small-bore rifle, full-bore rifle and muzzle-loading pistols, registration number 1192220.  It is affiliated with the following shooting organisations:


National Small-Bore Rifle Association

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain

Norfolk County Rifle Association

Our club facilities consist of a Clubhouse with three separate Ranges;

  • a Prone Rifle Range for .22 calibre rifles - at 25 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards,

  • a 25 yard Gallery Range - for a wide variety of guns including black-powder pistols and revolvers, centre-fire gallery rifles, .22" calibre rifles, or any calibre air gun,

  • an air weapons range from 10m to 75 yards for air weapons which do not require a Firearms Certificate.  This has paper targets and knock-up, knock-down targets.

All three ranges have disabled access and there are accessible toilet and washing up facilites available in the main clubhouse. 

Membership Fees for 2020 are:




Junior Probationer
Adult Probationer
Junior Full Member
Adult Full Member
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