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New to Shooting?

There are 140000 licensed target shooters in the UK.  It is one of the few activities in which success can be achieved by a broad range of age and ability.  Here at North Walsham we are working with British Shooting to encourage even more people to enjoy this sport.

Come along between 7pm and 9pm on a Thursday evening and see what it’s all about.  We provide guidance and coaching to give you a hands-on experience of shooting in a safe but fun environment.  You can try your hand at air-pistol or air-rifle before deciding if the club or the sport are for you (unfortunately we can’t let you shoot actual fire arms until you have joined the club due to UK Home Office restrictions).

Once you’ve decided that shooting is for you, we offer probationary membership and guidance until you are approved for full membership.

Once you are accepted as a probationary member you can use the club firearms (currently consisting of some .22 rimfire target rifles, .22 Lightweight Sporting rifles and even a .22 long barreled revolver) or bring your own (providing they are listed on your Fire Arms Certificate)

Please see the costs associated with joining the club below: 

Membership Fees for 2023 are:


Click the links below to print membership application forms and range rules to bring to the club, you can also view a concise version of the General Club Safety Brief that you will receive on your first visit to the club as a propective member.

Junior Probationer
Adult Probationer
Junior Full Member
Adult Full Member

Open evening

every Thursday from 7-9pm

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