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Hi All,

Please be aware that the range will be completely closed on the 25th December. This is the only day of the year that shooting is fully prohibited on the range. (So our nearby neighbours can enjoy their Christmas lunch in peace)

However, with Christmas coming up, please be aware that there will be no official RCO cover for club nights on the ranges as follows. (Of course, full members can still shoot on the days below as normal).

Range 1

  • No RCO - Tuesday 24th December

  • No RCO - Thursday 26th December

  • No RCO - Tuesday 31st December

  • No RCO - Thursday 9th January

  • Normality Resumes – 14th January


Range 2 (And new member nights)

  • No RCO - Thursday 26th December

  • Normality Resumes – Thursday 2nd January


Range 3

  • No RCO - Thursday 26th December

  • No RCO - Thursday 2nd January

  • Normality Resumes – Thursday 9th January


Merry Christmas to all and have a fantastic New Year!


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