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NWRPC - COVID19 Action Plan

Dear Members,

In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, please find below a link to the Immediate Actions the club intends to follow to address this.

No doubt as you have watched this unfold you will know that what was a suitable solution one day has changed by the next.

The situation will remain under review and all changes will be advised to you whenever they occur.

Key Points are:

- Thursday nights are no longer an open night.
- Suspended acceptance of new Probationary members.
- Cancelled Work Days.
- Cancelled Easter shoot.
- Government Hygiene notice which is attached.
- Zero Point suspended.

The ranges will stay open to existing members for now, but each member is responsible for:

- Their own bio security.
- Keeping gatherings to a minimum.
- Maintaining a safe separation as per advice.

More information in the PDF file to the right of this text.

Best regards and stay safe.

Committee NWRPC

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