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Update on COVID-19 Measures for NWRPC

Dear members, we have been closely watching the latest announcements by the government and we are aware, as we assume, you are to, of the intention to implement an England wide lockdown as announced by the Prime Minister on Saturday 30st Oct.

At present this action has still to be ratified by a vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday 4th November. All signs so far are that despite a level of dissent, this decision for a lockdown will be passed leading to the closure of all indoor and outdoor sporting venues including shooting ranges.

As the notice period between the official approval for the lockdown and implementation is so short we are giving you advance notice now of the actions we intend to take.

We are preparing for the NWRPC Range to be closed on Thursday 5th November in line with the Government direction for the duration of any confirmed and announced lockdown.

The measures to be taken (assuming a lockdown is confirmed) are as follows:-

  • The Booking system will be suspended and not reopened until confirmation that the lockdown will be eased. The current expected date for this is the 2nd of December but this is dependent on the success in containing the virus and reducing the number of cases. Thus, the booking system will not be reopened until the lockdown easing is formally confirmed.

  • All range bookings which exist for the period commencing Thursday 5th November will be cancelled.

  • The range will be locked and secured with closure notices put in place.

  • No member should attend the range without prior approval from the committee.

You should watch carefully for further Government announcements and should they be confirmed as expected then the actions as listed above will be implemented.

When the lockdown easing is confirmed, we will of course communicate to you the range opening date, and any additional information that you need to be aware of.

Of course, we are saddened to have to do this, given that we have just returned to shooting, but adhering to government restrictions and the safety of our members is paramount.

Our advice to you is to follow the directions of Government and Stay Safe. We look forward to the range reopening when it is allowed, welcoming you all back, and will be in touch.

Stay Safe


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