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Range opening 29th March 2021

Based on current Government guidance we plan to re-open the range on Monday 29th of March to current Full and Probationary members.

The Booking system will become active on or about the 25th March.

Note that should there be any Government changes to rules that would force the closure of Ranges then the booking system will again shut down and any bookings made for the affected period will be cancelled.

In the meantime the expectation is that we will  be allowed to recommence shooting on the 29th March and look forward to welcoming you back to the range.

Please review the Range Rules which are in place throughout the whole Pandemic period. You must read these and be sure you are fully aware of all rules, they can be read on the Members page.

By signing the booking in register you are agreeing to all of these rules. For the health and safety of all you must adhere to these rules.

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