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Hi All,

Over the last few weeks we have been watching the news and looking into re-opening in light of the recent announcements from the government. For now, and the near future the range closure remains in place.

We are currently taking our lead from the NSRA to comply with our Affiliated National organisations policy and we are watching for further advice and once the Lord Roberts Centre (Bisley Ranges) re-opens with no restrictions, we will follow. As soon as this happens, we will update all members immediately with the good news.

Please see below for the latest Q&A thinking on the process by which the range could be re-opened.

Stay Safe, Stay well
NWRPC Committee

Re-opening Strategy NWR& PC Q & A

Q1. When do we reopen ?

A. This will depend very much on Government led policies. However we are monitoring our
Affiliated National Shooting organisation the NSRA for guidance. We are not a fully open range
and will take the opening of their Lord Roberts Centre (Bisley) as our marker.

Q2. What actions are required before opening ?

A. This will depend on how long we are closed, the longer the greater deterioration of the site.
However before any opening can take place an inspection will be required to determine what needs
to done on site.

Q3. How do we carry out any task required prior to opening ?

A. Under normal circumstance this would be done by a work party, however this can only be
achieved if social distancing has been removed, even then many members may not be happy taking
a risk in a large work party, possibly for sometime. Therefore it may be necessary to organise a
work party so that individuals can work in isolation.

Q4. How do we open ?

A. This very much depends on what social restrictions are in force and how limiting they are.
Whilst the existing social distancing and current protective measure are in force the club will
remain closed.

Q5. What protective measures will we be required ?

A. The club and it’s members are obligated to adhere to all protective measures that are in force at
the time. Currently the social distancing rule and sanitising procedures cannot be implemented on
the site.

Q6. When can we expect an AGM to be held ?

A. It will not be possible to hold an AGM until social and protective measures have been removed


Your committee is constantly monitoring the situation, the Club will not remain closed for any
longer than it needs to be, however the committee has a duty to ensure that all who attend are able
to do so safely, it is obligated to abide by Government guidelines on COVID 19. The current
indicators unfortunately are, the club is unlikely to open for sometime, you will be kept up to date
on any future developments.

Oliver Crysell

Chairman on behalf of NWR&PC Caretaker Committee

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