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Range Opening January 11th 2021.

Following the latest Government statement Norfolk will remain in Tier 4, no new restrictions have been added. Therefore, the club can reopen on a very limited basis; although it is expected new restrictions can't be far off.

Attached are the updated Covid-19 rules for reopening the ranges. It is absolutely imperative all members stick rigorously to these rules to ensure the ranges can stay open. Should further restrictions be announced then you can expect an update with whatever decision needs to be taken at that time.

The Ranges will be open from Monday 11th January 2021.  The booking system will be opened to allow booking from the 11th onwards but showing the restrictions of 2 firing points and a limitation of 2 people allowed on each range for each shooting session.

The committee must emphasise that under Government rules members will need consider that their attendance at the range is essential to their wellbeing, to justify travel.

Members who wish to attend the range are encouraged to "buddy up" with another member for all range visits to limit potential inadvertent household mixing.

As a nation, we are within touching distance of a level of protection as the vaccine is rolled out, and everyone will need to consider if the risk of attending the range now is acceptable to them, bearing in mind their own risk factors.

It is expected that by Easter the majority of members will probably have had the vaccine. In the meantime everyone is encouraged to do all they can to limit further pressure to the health system by trying not catch the virus.

Every member will need to make their own decision, it is a personal choice. You and only you will need to consider how essential range attendance is, and the vital importance of protective measures.

Stay Safe, Stay well and Stay within the Rules.

Revised NWRPC Risk Assessment and TIER 4 Specific Range Rules - Please read

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